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Egg and Chicken Rate in Pakistan 1 March 2023

If you are looking for egg and chicken rates in Pakistan then congratulation you have come to the perfect spot. On this page, we will share with you today 1 March 2023 egg and chicken rates in Pakistan.

آج کے انڈوں اور مرغی کا ریٹ جاننے کے لئے نیچے جائیں۔

Egg Rate in Pakistan 1 March 2023

Today farm egg price in Pakistan is Rs.235 per dozen. As you know the desi egg price is high according to the farmer egg. So, today desi egg one dozen price in Pakistan is Rs.360. Here are the details of the egg rates in Pakistan in different cities per dozen.

Top CityPer Dozen Rate
Egg Rate in KarachiRs.235
Today Gold rate in LahoreEgg Rate in LahoreRs.235
Egg Rate in IslamabadRs.235
Gold Rate in PeshawarEgg Rate in PeshawarRs.235
Egg Rate in RawalpindiRs.235
Egg Rate in RawalpindiRs.235
Gold Rate in multanEgg Rate in MultanRs.235
Gold rate in HyderabadEgg rate in BahawalpurRs.235
Egg rate in GujratRs.235
Gold Rate in Faisalabad
Egg Rate in FaisalabadRs.235

One Egg Rate in Pakistan

One EggOne DozenRate ChangePercentage

Chicken Rate in Pakistan 1 March 2023

Today chicken price in Pakistan is Rs.662 per Kg of meat and the alive chicken price in Pakistan is Rs.433. These are the latest chicken price in Pakistan. Below are the details of the chicken rates in Pakistan cities.

Top CityAlive Chicken Price
Chicken Rate in KarachiRs.433
Today Gold rate in LahoreChicken Rate in LahoreRs.433
Chicken Rate in IslamabadRs.433
Gold Rate in PeshawarChicken Rate in PeshawarRs.433
Chicken Rate in QuettaRs.433
Chicken Rate in RawalpindiRs.433
Gold Rate in multanChicken Rate in MultanRs.433
Gold rate in HyderabadChicken rate in HyderabadRs.433
Chicken rate in SialkotRs.433
Gold Rate in Faisalabad
Chicken Rate in FaisalabadRs.433

Today Chicken Report

Alive ChickenChicken MeatRate ChangePercentage


These are the latest chicken and egg prices in Pakistan. If you want more information about chicken and egg prices then visit the near chicken shop. As you know the Dollar rate in Pakistan is increasing So the prices of other things also increase like Gold and other things.

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