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Security Guard Jobs in UK with Visa Sponsorship

One of your duties as a security guard at BROWN SECURITY LTD will be to ensure that our clients’ property and funds are adequately protected. Your attentiveness, friendly attitude, and readiness to deal with all the health and safety guidelines will contribute to our clients’ safety, keeping them happy overall. The right person should have good observation skills, changeability, and a sense of duty.

Security Guard Jobs in UK with Visa Sponsorship

Overview of Job

A Visa Sponsorship accompanies the post as we are the biggest or one of the most respected Security Services Providers in Scotland and the rest of the UK. The candidate should be at least 5 feet 7 inches tall and at least 65 kg. And he or she should be younger than 45 years. How about you get information about the jobs for security guards in Scotland that offer work permits and visa sponsorship?

Jobs Details

  • Country: Scotland
  • Job Type: Security Guard
  • Experience: No
  • Education: English
  • Age: No limits
  • Visa: Sponsorship
  • Accommodation: Yes
  • Salary: £20 per hour

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  • At least a year’s experience is advisable.
  • Strong ability to perceive things and observe the details.
  • Skill in talking to people and getting along with them.
  • Leadership effectiveness and skills to maintain discipline.
  • Know the workings of security systems and tools.
  • Essential computer and technology skills are required to determine the problem.
  • Be in good health, to be able to stand and walk for long.
  • You should be healthy enough to work for long hours


  • Check behavioral patterns often to expose and discover suspicious behavior as it occurs.
  • Analyze the security systems and notify the violations or potential attacks.
  • React accordingly to alarms, incidents, and emergencies.
  • Decide on who is admitted and control how visitors are dealt with.
  • Record precise reports and logs of what took place.
  • Collaborate with your colleagues and customers to ensure all security measures are complied with.
  • Provide visitors, workers, and customers with the best customer service possible.
  • Observe the corporate rules and precautions.
  • Ensure that safety and security regulations are complied with.


There are permanent jobs for the suitable candidates. You can settle down here if you have a stable job.

  • Work hours are for 40 hours a week, as the law stipulates.
  • You can get a sponsor visa
  • Once the job is confirmed, it’s moving time.
  • Free room and board.
  • The UK Labour Law places excellent stress on job security.
  • Long-term and social gains for the staff.
  • The compensation looks good.
  • Professional development and advancement are contingent on on-the-job training.
  • Countless jobs. Security guards are required in homes and all types of businesses.

Who can Apply?

  • Pakistan
  • India
  • Bangladesh
  • Anguilla
  • Antigua
  • Barbuda
  • Barbados
  • Mexico
  • Jamaica

Types of Jobs

Demand for security guards in the UK is growing; opportunities are very many for those seeking visa sponsorship.

Security forces: The security forces in this category guard the commercial edifices like offices and shopping malls. They safeguard the welfare of the employees, visitors, and property.

Retail security guards: The next category is those who secure the stores and prevent theft. These guards are being trained to deal with challenging situations and give perfect customer service.

Event security guards: On the other hand, event security guards are the people whose role is to ensure the law and order of the crowd and the attendees’ safety at concerts, sports events, and festivals.

Airport security guards are sectional security guards trained to oversee the security screenings and safety of travelers.

Nightclub security guards:  The security guards of the nightclub, indeed, are very crucial for order keeping and also client safety in the late-night hours.

Surveillance security guards: For those interested in technical roles, there are positions as surveillance security guards who watch the security cameras and mark any suspicious movements.

Site security guards: Site security guards at the construction site prevent property damage and guarantee worker safety.

Healthcare security guard:  Also, security guards in healthcare facilities guarantee the patients’ and staff’s security and confidentiality.

Protection security guards: Lastly, we have close protection security guards that provide very personal security for high-profile persons, celebrities, and executives.

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What is the salary for security guard jobs in the UK?

The average salary for a security guard is £11.49 per hour in the UK.

How to apply?

Above all, your CV should be updated and written distinctly for the security guard post. Please indicate any related skills/experience/certificate you have, such as first aid training or knowledge of CCTV systems. After that, search for security companies and organizations in your locality and browse their websites or the job search portals for any available positions.

You can send an email to or call 0800002534 or 02081545644.

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