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Dirham Rate in Pakistan Rupee 1st April 2023

Dirham Rate in Pakistan Rupees (AED to PKR) today 1 April 2023 open market rate is 77.27. This was the current open market rate (AED to PKR) as provided by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP).

DateTodayPrice Change
1 April77.27+0.01
31 March77.26+0.09
30 March77.17+0.10
29 March77.10-0.24
28 March77.24+0.15
27 March77.09-0.02
26 March77.11+0.08
25 March77.03-0.97
24 March78.00+0.94
23 March77.06+0.38
22 March76.68-0.07

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These are the latest open market rates of AED to PKR according to the State Bank of Pakistan. UAE Dirham is a powerful currency to PKR and many people do good business by investing UAE Dirham.

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