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December 2022 Gold Rate Graph in Pakistan

December 2022 Gold Rate Chart in Pakistan

The table given below contains the gold rates in Pakistan for December 2022۔ In this we have been shared the graph of gold for December۔

Date24k Gold (10grams/1 Tola)
31 December 2022Rs.184,100
30 December 2022Rs.183,400
29 December 2022RS.182,750
28 December 2022RS.183,365
27 December 2022Rs,178,855
26 December 2022Rs,175,905
25 December 2022Rs,175,900
24 December 2022RS.179,200
23 December 2022RS.176,900
22 December 2022RS.182,700
21 December 2022RS.182,000
20 December 2022RS.175,800
19 December 2022RS.172,650
18 December 2022RS.172,650
17 December 2022Rs,146,780(10 Gram)
16 December 2022Rs,147,040(10 Gram)
15 December 2022Rs,147,850(10 Gram)
14 December 2022Rs,145,580(10 Gram)
13 December 2022Rs,144,890(10 Gram)
12 December 2022Rs,143,860(10 Gram)
11 December 2022Rs,143,860(10 Gram)
10 December 2022Rs,143,050(10 Gram)
9 December 2022Rs,142,580(10 Gram)
8 December 2022Rs,141,460(10 Gram)
7 December 2022Rs,140,610(10 Gram)
6 December 2022Rs,140,350(10 Gram)
5 December 2022Rs,139,831(10 Gram)
4 December 2022Rs,139,831(10 Gram)
3 December 2022Rs,139,580 (10 Gram)
2 December 2022Rs,139,750(10 Gram)
1 December 2022Rs,138,460(10 Gram)

These gold rates are the month of December 2022 24karat tola and 10 Grams.

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