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Dirham Rate in Pakistan 13 April 2023

Dirham Rate in Pakistan Rupees (AED to PKR) today on 13 April 2023 open market rate is Rs.78.39. This was the current open market rate in Pakistan as provided by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) in the morning.

Here you can check the previous days (AED to PKR) rate in Pakistan.

AED to PKR 13 April 2023

13 April78.3978.45-0.06

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Previous Days (UAE Dirham) Rate in Pakistan

12 AprilRs.78.45+0.44
11 AprilRs.78.01+2.03
10 AprilRs.75.98-1.35
09 AprilRs.77.33-1.07
08 AprilRs.78.40+0.02
07 AprilRs.78.38-0.11
06 AprilRs.78.49+0.39
05 AprilRs.78.14+0.55
04 AprilRs.77.59-0.21
03 AprilRs.77.80+0.49
02 AprilRs.77.29+0.02

These are the latest open market rates of AED to PKR according to the State Bank of Pakistan. UAE Dirham is a powerful currency to PKR and many people do good business by investing UAE Dirham.

If you are an investor or have any other business for which you need to check the daily UAE Dirham rate, then bookmark our website, and we will provide you with daily new rates for the UAE dirham rate in Pakistan (AED to PKR).

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