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Dollar Rate in Pakistan 25 February 2023

Today US Dollar price has no changed and the US Dollar rate in Pakistan on 25 February 2023 is 260.95 (PKR). This is the Interbank Market Dollar rate on Friday. Check the details of today’s and yesterday’s dollar rate in Pakistan.

25 February260.95260.95-0.00
24 February260.95261.69-0.74
23 February261.69262.43-0.74

The dollar resumed yesterday’s interbank session at Rs.260.95 and closed at Rs.260.95 after no change at the end of the trade.

Previous Days USD Dollar to PKR Rate

The below table shows you the previous 10 day’s dollar rate in Pakistan. Check out the previous day’s dollar rate up and down prices.

DatePKR Rate
25 February 2023Rs.260.95
24 February 2023Rs.260.95
23 February 2023Rs.261.69
22 February 2023Rs.262.43
21 February 2023Rs.261.68
20 February 2023Rs.260.40
19 February 2023Rs.262.89
18 February 2023Rs.262.89
17 February 2023Rs.265.30
16 February 2023Rs.267.05
15 February 2023Rs.264.05

As you know the Dollar rate is increasing the other thing price are changed like Gold, Egg, Petrol, Silver, etc. It some time very up prices and sometimes normal as it depends on the market dollar rate.

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