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Food Counter Attendant Jobs in Australia Visa Sponsorship

Food counter efficient employment in Australia that can be supported for a visa by 2024: For incompetent remote masters searching for beneficial work in Australia, we have found a new and energizing alternative: the Food Counter Attendant Work (2024) in Australia with Visa Sponsorship. It isn’t highly skilled or incompetent work, nor does it require much preparation or experience. The candidate would submit a mail application online.

The restaurant is called Accor Hotels Australia! As before long as it is viable, the chosen candidate must begin working. This work is either full-time or permanent in terms of timing. That being said, full day, night, weekend, and extra time shifts are accessible. Let’s look at this in more detail:

Food Counter Attendant Jobs in Australia Visa Sponsorship

Job Details

  • Job Title: Counter Attendant.
  • Country: Australia.
  • Name of Employer: Accor Hotels
  • Minimum Age: Eighteen years old
  • Pay Package: $15.34 per hour in Australia.
  • Working Duration: 30 hours a week are worked during working hours.
  • Knowledge: No knowledge is needed.
  • While not vital, experience is preferred.

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The Role of Food Counter Attendants

Employees at food counters play a basic role in the eatery industry. They are responsible for accepting orders, taking care of installments, and guaranteeing that supporters are fulfilled. They are significant to guaranteeing incite and effective benefits in both upscale and quick food establishments.


  • Serve all of your clients rapidly and politely.
  • Give your offer assistance in the kitchen when it’s required to fold pizza boxes, cut pies, prepare nourishment, and other things.
  • Keep the diner clean by doing things like normal cleaning of the floors, tables, counters, and bathrooms.
  • Keep lines of communication open with supervisors and coworkers to make sure that the shops run as easily as possible.
  • Do all the work within the region, including everything that has to do with the point of sale, such as coupons, cash, credit, and check sales.
  • Take calls for orders.
  • Help visitors who are complaining by stepping in early and telling the chief on obligation right away.
  • Follow all rules, guidelines, and practices for nourishment security, sanitation, and hygiene.


  • There is no minimum level of schooling needed.
  • There is no minimum amount of experience required; individuals who have never had work some time recently can moreover apply.
  • The candidate must be able to speak English well.
  • They need to be formally able to work in Australia.
  • Candidate can’t have a past of crime. According to state and government laws, anybody with a criminal record may get a job.
  • Those who need to work there must be willing to work distinctive shifts based on what the store needs.
  • Those who need to apply must know how to serve nourishment at buffets, bars, and tables. To that conclusion, candidates who have worked as chefs before would be given more weight.
  • The candidate must be able to converse with individuals and help them.
  • The individual applying must be able to learn quickly, work well in a fast-paced circumstance, and rapidly adjust to working conditions.
  • The individual who gets the work will get training.


  • There is no need for schooling.
  • You don’t require any training.
  • Free nourishment at feast times.
  • An appealing pay rate of $13.60 an hour.
  • Those who apply will also be able to urge free tooth checkups each month.
  • The individual who is chosen also gets a life protection arrangement just for them.
  • The restaurant will give candidates ideas for how to save cash for the future.

Job Market Trends in the USA

In the United States, there’s a developing demand for nourishment counter workers. The need for qualified and devoted laborers to fill these roles is growing along with the nourishment industry. Those who appreciate making a difference to others and are active will discover plenty of work openings, whether they reside in a bustling city or a peaceful suburb.

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How to Apply?

  • Use the application button found beneath the job description once you’ve come to the official work search page by clicking the link below.
  • To focus your work look comes about, you can assist refine your look by utilizing the area and look boxes. Enter the title of your work, such as “Australian Occupations for Restaurant Counter Attendants,” “Australian Employments for Bartenders,” “Australian Employments for Bar/restaurant,” ”Australian Occupations for Restaurant Receptionists,” “Australian Jobs for Nourishment Services Attendants with Visa Sponsorship,” or “Australian Occupations for Foreigners or with Visa Sponsorship.”
  • To improve the exactness of your look results, select the Australian area you want to search in.
  • It is advisable to update your cover letter and resume in understanding current industry trends because there’s a great chance your employer will see how you’ve displayed yourself.
  • Select the “Online Application” link that shows up below.
  • Complete the application by giving the requested information.
  • Check to see if you received the mail affirmation that your work application was received.

Apply Now


Accor Hotels Australia is hiring for a nourishment counter specialist position in Australia and will cover your visa costs. It sounds like an extraordinary opportunity. This low-skilled position is perfect for those who are just entering the workforce since the work posting makes it self-evident that it doesn’t require any particular training or skill. Candidates must be at least eighteen years old, and the hiring method comprises of a brief meeting and a check of the supporting documentation.

There are instructions on how to apply for Australian restaurant counter attendant employments after the post. If somebody is interested, they should send an e-mail or apply online. Much obliged to, planned candidates will have all the information necessary to consider this work offer.

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