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Today’s Gold Rate in Pakistan – 23 January 2023

Today gold rate in Pakistan on 23 January 2023 is being sold at Rs.187,050 per tola of 24 Karat gold and the 10 grams of 24 karat gold price in Pakistan is Rs.160,370. These are the latest gold rate in Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Hyderabad, Quetta, and Multan, The gold rates are similar throughout the different cities with only a few hundred rupees difference. Here are the details of the current gold rate in Pakistan.

Gold Rate in Pakistan

Silver Price | Chandi Price

Gold PurityRate
24k Gold 10 GramsRs. 160,370
24k Gold Single TolaRs. 187,050
22k Gold 10 GramsRs. 147,005
22k Gold Single TolaRs. 171,461

These are the latest gold rates in Pakistan according to the Karachi bullion market. As you all know that there is a difference of a few hundred in the gold rates of each city in Pakistan. In the table below you can see the rates of 10 major cities in Pakistan.

Gold Rate in Cities of Pakistan

Top City24k Gold Price
Gold Rate in KarachiRs. 187,050
Today Gold rate in LahoreGold Rate in LahoreRs. 187,110
Gold Rate in IslamabadRs. 187,170
Gold Rate in PeshawarGold Rate in PeshawarRs. 187,220
Gold Rate in QuettaRs. 187,280
Gold Rate in RawalpindiRs. 187,200
Gold Rate in multanGold Rate in MultanRs. 187,320
Gold rate in HyderabadGold rate in HyderabadRs. 187,240
Gold rate in SialkotRs. 187,300
Gold Rate in Faisalabad
Gold Rate in FaisalabadRs. 187,180

Important Note: All gold prices in Pakistan have been updated through the Karachi Sarafa gold market. If you can buy and sell the gold that is your choice we are not responsible for your buying and selling. We provided only gold rates.

Last Days Gold Rate in Pakistan

Date24k Rate
23rd January 2023Rs. 187,050
22nd January 2023Rs. 187,050
21st January 2023Rs. 186,500
20th January 2023Rs. 184,850
19th January 2023Rs. 184,850
18th January 2023Rs. 185,100
17th January 2023Rs. 183,800
16th January 2023Rs. 186,500
15th January 2023Rs. 186,400
14th January 2023Rs. 185,300
13th January 2023Rs. 185,600
12th January 2023Rs. 179,600
11th January 2023Rs. 181,200
10th January 2023Rs. 182,300
9th January 2023Rs. 184,200
8th January 2023Rs. 184,210
7th January 2023Rs. 184,550
6th January 2023Rs. 183,500
5th January 2023Rs. 187,910
4th January 2023Rs. 188,300
3rd January 2023Rs. 186,400
2nd January 2023Rs. 185,200
1st January 2023Rs. 185,200

More Details

About GoldrateinPak is one of Pakistan’s most accurate daily gold rate updated news websites. We provide daily news on gold rates in Pakistan and the current gold price in different weightage like per gram, per tola,10 gram, and Ounce. All gold prices have been changed daily and sometimes hourly you are also checking time-to-time gold rates only on

Related FAQs

  • What is Gold Rate in Pakistan Today?

    Today latest gold rate in Pakistan per tola is Rs. 187,050 per 24-karat gold and the 22-karat gold rate in Pakistan per tola is Rs. 187,050.

  • What is Gold Rate in Pakistan 1 Tola?

    Today 1 tola gold price in Pakistan 24 karat gold price is Rs.187050. The pure form of gold is 24 karat so that is the current price of today’s gold.

  • Will Gold Rate Decrease in Coming Days in Pakistan?

    Hopefully, there is a chance for gold prices to fall in the coming days. If Pakistan gets a loan from outside in the coming days, there is a high chance that gold prices will decrease.

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