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Gold Rate in Saudi Arabia 11 April 2023

Today gold rate in Saudi Arabia on 11 April 2023 is 2,806.66 SAR per tola of 24K gold and the price of 22K gold in Saudi Arabia is 2,576.52 SAR per tola. Here are the details of the gold rate in Saudi Arabia for different weightage.

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Gold Rate in Saudi Arabia

Gold UnitSAR Rate
18K Gold Per Tola2,105.00 SAR
21K Gold Per Tola2,463.43 SAR
22K Gold Per Tola2,576.52 SAR
24K Gold Per Tola2,806.66 SAR

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These are the current 22K and 24K gold rate in Saudi Arabia. Also, if you want more information about Saudi Arabia gold prices, you can contact your local jeweler.

Last 10 Days Gold Rate in Saudi Arabia

Date22K Gold24K Gold
09 April 20232,576.52 SAR2,806.66 SAR
10 April 20232,593.99 SAR2,825.89 SAR
09 April 20232,593.99 SAR2,825.89 SAR
08 April 20232,593.78 SAR2,825.47 SAR
07 April 20232,596.73 SAR2,828.69 SAR
06 April 20232,604.51 SAR2,837.16 SAR
05 April 20232,613.31 SAR2,846.74 SAR
04 April 20232,563.85 SAR2,792.86 SAR
03 April 20232,538.32 SAR2,765.05 SAR
02 April 20232,547.93 SAR2,775.52 SAR
01 April 20232,547.93 SAR2,775.52 SAR

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