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Today’s Gold Price in Sri Lanka – 14 January 2023

Today's Gold Price in Sri Lanka - 14 January 2023

Today gold Price in Sri Lanka on 14 January 2022 as 24-carat gold is being sold in Sri Lanka at 208,300 LKR per tola and the price of 10 grams of 24-carat gold in Sri Lanka is 226,910 LKR. Here are the details of the gold rate in Sri Lanka.

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Gold Price in Sri Lanka

Gold Unit22K Gold24k Gold
Per Gram20,919 LKR22,788 LKR
Per Tola Gold244,004 LKR265,799 LKR
Per Ounce Gold650,604 LKR708,719 LKR
Per Kilogram Gold20,919,769 LKR22,788,419 LKR
These are the current gold rates in Sri Lanka without any tax. Also, if you want more information about gold prices in Sri Lanka, you can contact your local jeweler in Sri Lanka.

Last 7 Days Gold Rate in Sri Lanka

Date22k Gold24k Gold
14 January 2023244,004 LKR265,799 LKR
13 January 2023264,667 LKR242,965 LKR
12 January 2023240,600 LKR262,092 LKR
11 January 2023239,800 LKR261,902 LKR
10 January 2023240,600 LKR262,092 LKR
9 January 2023240,600 LKR262,092 LKR
8 January 2023240,600 LKR262,092 LKR

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