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Chicken Rate in India 5 March 2023

Today live Chicken rate in India is ₹120.00 per kg and the boneless chicken price in India is ₹210.00. These are the latest Chicken rate in India on 5 March 2023.

Chicken Rate in India 5 March 2023

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Chicken Rate 5 March 2023

Egg MarketWeightRate
Chicken1 Kg₹180.00
Boneless Chicken1 Kg₹210.00
Live Chicken1 Kg₹120.00
Chicken Liver1 Kg₹170.00

Chicken prices have been on the rise in recent months, leaving many consumers scrambling to find ways to save money on this staple item. We will share the latest chicken rate in India on 5 March 2023. Check below the live chicken rate in Indian cities.

CityWeightAlive Chicken Rate
Ahmedabad1 Kg₹120.00
Ajmer1 Kg₹120.00
Barwala1 Kg₹120.00
Bengaluru1 Kg₹120.00
Brahmapur1 Kg₹120.00
Chennai1 Kg₹120.00
Chittoor1 Kg₹120.00
Delhi1 Kg₹120.00
Hyderabad1 Kg₹120.00

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