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Today’s Gold Price in Sri Lanka (28 February 2023)

Today gold Price in Sri Lanka on 28 February 2023 is 21,797.70 LKR per gram and the per tola gold price in Sri Lanka is 254,243.97 LKR. Here are the details of gold prices in Sri Lanka for different weightage.

Gold Price in Sri Lanka 27 February 2023

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Gold Price in Sri Lanka

Gold Unit24K Gold22k Gold
Per Gram21,456 LKR19,697 LKR
Per Tola Gold250,270 LKR229,747 LKR
Per Ounce Gold667,312 LKR612,592 LKR
These are the current gold price in Sri Lanka without any tax. Also, if you want more information about gold prices in Sri Lanka, you can contact your local jeweler.

Last 10 Days Gold Price in Sri Lanka

Date22k Gold24k Gold
28 February 2023229,747 LKR250,270 LK
27 February 2023229,487 LKR249,985 LKR
26 February 2023233,395 LKR254,243 LKR
25 February 2023251,924 LKR231,266 LKR
24 February 2023244,622 LKR266,473 LKR
23 February 2023242,724 LKR264,405 LKR
22 February 2023242,972 LKR264,676 LKR
21 February 2023243,192 LKR264,915 LKR
20 February 2023243,192 LKR264,915 LKR
19 February 2023245,288 LKR267,199 LKR
18 February 2023243,300 LKR265,341 LKR
17 February 2023243,766 LKR265,541 LKR

International Gold Rate

Bahrain GoldQatar Gold
Oman GoldKuwait Gold

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